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2008-07-21 23:47:45 by MrPlen

I haven't posted anything here in forever... Guess I will once I get a new song or something... maybe.

Getting Started

2007-12-21 11:44:20 by MrPlen

Just got started on my account not too long ago and so far all I have is a single audio submission. Don't expect a constant flow of submissions, due to these factors:
A) I don't have Acid (the program I use for making MIDI songs) or any loops.
B) I don't have Flash.
C) I only have access to these programs when I'm in school, which I am not at the moment.
D) My computer sucks to much to even run trial versions of these programs. (Windows 98 Plus = Phail)

But I hope to at least contribute some new songs next semester, so stay tuned!

Happy Holidays!